TCP, Seller of Travel and TCPC Numbers, why are they important? They are ways Consumers can validate the Wine Tour Company they’re using is registered, licensed and insured to operate in California.

Wine Tour Operator Regulation and Authorization in California

Wine Tour Operators (WTO) are Authorized by the Secretary of State’s office and regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) office. A WTO must have a Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC) number [which is required to receive an operating certificate from the Secretary of State], a Seller of Travel number from the Secretary of State and a Transportation Charter Passenger (TCP) number, which is issued by the CPUC.

Transportation Charter Passenger Number

The importance of a TCP number can not be understated. This is the number found on the left rear and right front of licensed and insured Wine Tour vehicles, like Limos, Tour Vans and Sedans.

If the vehicle does not have a TCP number on it, you are riding in an unlicensed and (potentially) uninsured, personal car, not an inspected and licensed commercial vehicle.

Seller of Travel Number

In California, if a WTO offers any type of tours they must be a registered ‘Seller of Travel with the California Secretary of State’s office. The Seller of Travel number is the office certification for a WTO that they are licensed and insured.

WTO’s are required to hold commercial vehicle insurance, a business liability insurance plan and have a drug and alcohol testing lab partner before they can be issued a Seller of Travel permit.

Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation Number

While the TCRC number isn’t visible on most WTO websites, it IS required. You can always ask a representative of the Tour Agency to verify they have a TCRC number. This is the number which a consumer will use to file a dispute against the Tour operator.

If the operator doesn’t have a TCRC number, it means they haven’t paid into the insurance pool designated to handle dispute refunds. This means, if you have a dispute with your WTO, you might not have any legal recourse.

Protect Yourself, Use Licensed WTO’s

It should be easy to see TCP and Seller of Travel numbers on WTO websites – at Old Vine Wine Tours we publish our numbers at the bottom of each page!

Some “bargain” priced tour operators offer their prices because they DON’T have a TCP number or aren’t licensed as a Seller of Travel. While it might be tempting to seek out a lower price for your important event, wine tour day or celebration, it’s better to work with companies who are, in fact, licensed, insured and regulated!

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